A wide range of flagpoles in our catalog

Each flag has its own pole. Indoor and outdoor poles, velvet poles customizable and available in different sizes.

Our flag poles are made of silver or gold anodized aluminum, chromed or polished iron and brass, customizable with parade velvet, and available in different lengths and various diameters.

Indoor Flagpoles

Our indoor flagpoles are made of silver or gold anodized aluminum, iron and chrome or gold polished brass, available in different lengths and diameters.

Outdoor Flagpoles

Our outdoor flagpoles manufactured from anodized aluminum, a material that resists the effects of weathering and scratches, available in various diameters.

Velvet Flagpoles

Our custom velvet flagpoles are suitable for military and parades. All our velvet flagpoles are customizable with length up to 280cm

Army Flagpoles

Our military specific flagpoles are realized and produced following the specifications of the Italian Army and customizable with different banners.

Micaceous Gray Line

Our micaceous gray line outdoor flagpoles manufactured in anodized aluminum, a very weather resistant material, available in various diameters.

No-Roll Flagpoles

Our patented No Roll system for outdoor flag poles guarantees that your flags will never be rolled up again thanks to the AISI 430 stainless steel spring.

Vehicle Flagpoles

A wide selection of chrome flag poles to be applied on cars and motorcycles, with magnet or car window attachment. Plastic flagpoles for cars