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Flagpoles Spearheads and Emblems

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Italian Republic emblem without spacer

Cod 170/ECO

Spearhead generic small without spacer

Cod 171/ECO

Spearhead generic big without spacer

Cod 171/G/ECO

Spearhead European without spacer

Cod 175/ECO

Spearhead generic small

Cod 171

Spearhead generic big

Cod 171/G

Emblem Italian Republic

Cod 170

Spearhead Italian Republic

Cod 170/L

Spearhead generic small chrome

Cod 171/C

Spearhead generic big chrome

Cod 171/GC

Emblem chrome Italian Republic

Cod 170C

Spearhead European

Cod 175

European Union emblem

Cod 175/EM

European Union emblem with painted stars

Cod 175/EM.C

Spearhead Laurel Wreath

Cod 172

Emblem Music

Cod 186

Emblem Avis

Cod 181

Emblem Eagle Alpini

Cod 174

Emblem Eagle

Cod 174/A

Emblem Rotary

Cod 186/RO

Emblem Lions Club

Cod 186/LIO

Small Emblem Cross in fusion

Cod 186/CF.P

Big Emblem Cross in fusion

Cod 186/CF

Emblem Mariano

Cod 186/EM

Spearhead Green Cross

Cod 186/CV

Spearhead Red Cross

Cod 186/CR

Emblem Carabinieri

Cod 173

Spearhead Carabinieri


Spearhead Polizia

Cod 186/PO

Great Star Spearhead

Cod 186/ST

Star Spearhead

Cod 186/S

Spearhead Guardia di Finanza

Cod 186/FI

Spearhead Vigili del Fuoco

Cod 186/VF

Spearhead Elmo Combattenti

Cod 186/C

Arrow Spearhead

Cod 171/TL

Arrow Spearhead chrome

Cod 171/TC

Spearhead Still Marine

Cod 186/MA

Spearhead Marine Army


Spearhead Military


Spearhead City

Cod 177